Thursday, January 04, 2007

My December 2006 Crochet Projects & More.........
I made a lot of different crocheted items this past December. It was a very busy month. Not only was I working over time & making holiday gifts for family & friends, my husband was layedoff from work & one of my Teenage Daughter's close friends passed away on 12/23/06. Angie was only 14; her passing away after an illness came as a shock to us. She had had some medical problems but you never expect someone so young to die. She touched all out hearts & will not be forgotten.

Below are pictures of a Beady Hippie Hat, scarf, gloves, vest & purse I made my 6 year old as a Holiday gift. I used worst weight yarn in a dark purple ( her favorite color), & a zillion pony beads. The scarf is mostly made of chains stitches creating loops with a bead at the center of each loop. The purse, hat, vest, & mittens are all decorated to match. The vest started out as a giant granny square. I also made a bunch of Tree Ornaments & a hat & scarf set for my 15 year old daughter. Those will be in my next post.

Victoria's Beady Hippie Hat, Scarf, Vest,Purse, & Mittens

All Bundled up for the cold:


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