Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've been busy crocheting lots of different projects.The first that I completed was this set of Hat, Scarf & Mittens for my little girl, who is 6 years old. Her Coat is green with a flower pattern lining in it that has lots of pinks & purples;this set was made to match her coat. I made this scarf using different stitches, each block of color is a different crochet stitch, sort of a sampler scarf. Then I made the Hat to match. The mittens were made using a ribbed stitch. This is all worst weight yarn. A variegated pinks & purple, a solid green, & a small amount of dark purple. I've been working on several other crochet projects for Holiday gifts but they will show up in later posts. Below are pictures of the hat, scarf & mittens set I finished.The mittens do match the hat & scarf perfectly in color, my little girl wanted the pink to be the main color in the mittens.


Blogger Duchess said...

It is nice to see that all that sewsing and crocheting you did in high school turned out so well. If only you could have crocheted a muzzel for Ms. Jordan

9:02 AM  

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