Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's been a very busy month for me. Like alot of other people out there, we have been feeling the soaring gas prices hurt our pockets. In addition to those gas prices we were having problems with one of our cars; now we have a "healthy" estimate for over $1500.00 to get our Van fixed, so we are not only left with only one car to use ( for a family of 5), but with me having to work ALOT of over time hours to raise the cash to get it fixed. I take my crochet projects to work & try to work on them on my breaks. Here are pictures of two of the Bookmarkers I made this past week. I made several other that were one of a kind, but I have either sold them, or I gave them as little gifts. The Long Floral Bookmarker is a variation to a pattern I found; it actually is the first bookmarker I ever made. Then I got the idea to try to make a cross bookmarker. So below is my "prototype" of "SiLvia's Floral Cross Bookmarker". I will be making another & hopefully write down the pattern to it.

"SiLvia's Crocheted Floral Cross Bookmarker"


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