Sunday, April 23, 2006

Greetings to All!

I wanted to let everyone know about a Craft Group that I own & run on Yahoo. The Group is called "Crafty Mom's Family Crafts and Recipes". The Group is for Moms, Grandma's, Aunts, Teachers, Girl Scout Leaders, Childcare givers, who love to use Crafts & Recipes as a way to bond with their children or Grandchildren. Are you a Mom or Grandma (or even an Aunt or a Teacher?)who does crafts with your kids or Grandkids? Or do you crochet, knit, bead, sew, or do needlework as gifts for them?

Do you like to cook with your kids or Grandkids? Have any favorite recipes or crafts that your kids or grandkids enjoy doing with you? Any favorite recipes? cookies? Cakes? you enjoy making together? Then join this group & share with the rest of the members in the group. This is a Family oriented group. We have growing Recipe, Crafts,kinitting,& Crocheting Databases & Files to share with members. And I try to add new craft & recipes info to the groups files on a weekly basis.Did I forget to mention a craft by name? Name the craft that you enjoy with your kids & the Owner/moderator will create a file with links to free patterns for your craft online. We are always open to new & fun crafts & recipes, & suggestions.* When requesting to Join the group please respond to questionaire that will be emailed to you by the Groups' Owner*.

Below is the link to the Groups'Home Page. If this is a type of group that may interest you please consider joining.

Click to join Crafty_Moms_Family_Crafts_and_Recipes


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Click here to join Crafty_Moms_Family_Crafts_and_Recipes
Click to join Crafty_Moms_Family_Crafts_and_Recipes