Sunday, April 16, 2006

Besides Crocheting & Beading, I also love to take pictures. My Dad taught me many years ago (back in the 1970's) how to use his photographer's 35mm zoom lens Kodak camera. Now I use a digital. In this picture I made a "mistake", I forgot to turn on the flash. But the end result worked out for the best. Below is the picture I ended up with, my first thought, was "damn I forgot the flash" & then I saw the image my camera captured.....
This is a Picture of my 14 year old daughter, Kat with her much loved Mr. Kitty. I forgot to turn the flash on the camera, but I like the way it turned out with the Late Afternoon Sun coming in the window..........sometimes a little photographic mistake makes for a great picture........

Title: Kat's Love. Photo by SiLvia

(All Photography in this Blog is Copyrighted by me, SiLvia Graca)


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