Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've spent a good part of my free time(not that I have much free time as it is)in August trying to create a small crocheted granny square flower motif that would resemble a very vintage & beautiful crochet square motif that is in a vintage dresser doily/runner that I found at an estate sale. My oldest daughter (Kat, who is 14)loved the vintage dresser doily/runner & wanted something to match it. Here is the Flowered Square I came up with. I sewed them together, put a border & edging on it & she now has a Beige & Pink Flowered Square Doily on her Night table in her room. Below are the pictures.She likes it so much she now wants a new dresser runner to match "perfectly" to this one ( This Mom's Crochet is never done, LOL):

The Crochet Pink Flowered Doily Motif:

Putting the Pink Flowered Doily Squares together:

Making a Border for the Square Doily:

An edging for the Pink & Beige Square Doily:

The Finished Crochetted Pink & Beige Flowered Square Motif Doily:


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