Sunday, October 15, 2006

Doggie costumes for Halloween are certainly an "in thing". I made our Lady Katie a Witch Doggie costume (you can see her in her costume if you scroll below, she is features in my October 2nd, 2006 post). But here is our "Bouncy Baby Boy" Doggie Costume. Lucky just turned 1 year old on October 1st. He is a Rescue Dog we adopted from "Paws & Prayers" (see link on the right hand side of this blog). I crocheted him a Baby Boy Blue Bonnet & Bib. We plan to get him a giant Baby pacifier for a picture later. But here he is. His Daddy was a Golden Retriever & I believe his Momma was a Shepard-CHow mix. He is very bouncy to say the least & has tons of energy.......Isn't he so cute? awwww.................


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