Tuesday, October 18, 2005

To All those Leaving me Comments:

I greatly appreciate that you took the time to stop by & read my Blog.

To those that are crochetters & would like a pattern of something I make, I will try my best to tell you how I made it, but I rarely write what I create down. So I hope you are very imaginative & creative & can visualize what I write to you.

To those who just drop by & are not crochetters. Thank you for taking the time to read about my escapades.

To those who leave me comments & the comments are actually a pitch for your own merchandise,or business, unless it is beads or yarn, you are wasting your time.

To those who try to get me to join their online dating services. Sorry folks this Lady has been very married for the last 16 years to the same man & I plan to keep it that way. So you too are wasting your time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Crafty Mom


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