Monday, October 17, 2005


Anyone out there have more then one crochet project going at the same time? We live in a world where multi-tasking has become a way of life. Well, here is what I have going:

1. A very large Granny Square Afghan for My Mom's 80th Birthday ( I started it on her Birthday, that was the end of May. I hope to be done soon.)

2. A Halloween Poncho I am making my 5 year old.

3. I am making 12 inch Squares to contribute to A Yahoo Group that makes Squares for Afghans for Katirna Survivors ( is you interested in finding out about this group, please read my previous Post).

4. I am making seat Pads for a friends country Kitchen Table Chairs.

5. A Four Seasons crochet Bag for the the same friend with the country kitchen table chairs.

6. I am still working on a Beaded crocheted Lampshade cover for my favorite Living room lamp.

Well, no sooner I finish one project I think up of another. I am trying to get costume ready for my kids for Halloween. Let's make mine simple this year..... I'll just be a Witch again. A nice Beautiful Witch that is. I do not believe in the image of an old evil ugly witch, I like the good Witch of the North ( from the Wizard of OZ) best.

Well, the holiday Season will soon be upon us. This year I am making every body's gift & if someone doesn't like that I am making them, well, that is just to bad for them. So there!

I have had the misfortune to bump into people who try to diminish the true meaning of getting a handmade gift. Some people think that a handcrafted item is "beneath " them. Well, now, you look at the stuff that I make, check out the pictures of my work in this blog, tell me, would anyone out there mind so much getting something handmade by me? A lot of people do not realize that these handmade items take hours to make & if I am making something for someone, pretty much I spend those hours while I am making the gift thinking about the person who is receiving it. How many people who go out & buy you a gift spend hours contemplating what to give YOU & then hours thinking of you? No one. I too am guilty of doing this, but I found that I love crocheting & Beading & that I am good at it. So why not give special people something I make?
Years ago, clothes were made at home. Quilts were made at home, gifts were made at home. This world is so commercialized most people have forgotten that Walmart & Macy's have not always existed. Where did out Great-Great- grandparents get Christmas gifts from??? Was there a real North Pole? There was no Walmart, Kmart, Kohl's, or Macy's back then. Whatever store bought items there were were costly & most people made the gifts they were going to give.
Yes this world has forgotten the beauty, art, & love that goes into handcrafting something. Just as this world has forgotten the true meaning of giving.


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