Friday, August 26, 2005


In my previous Post I wrote about starting a new Yahoo group this past weekend.The membership to the group is slowly growing.

For those who did not read the previous post,the Group is called " CRAFTY MOM'S FAMILY CRAFTS AND RECIPES" Group. Basically it is for those who like to bake, cook, & do crafts with or for their kids or Grandkids. All kinds of recipes that kids like are welcomed & will be added to a Recipe Data File, which the entire group can access. There are also several folders for Crafts,( such as paper, clay, yarn, glue, etc.)and any pattern that is a kid related craft; whether it is something you help the child make, or something that you would make for the child. I guess that Teachers and Aunts might be interested this group too.

Group membership is obtained by applying for membership or by being invited to join. But as I have had several unusual requests to join the group, I wish to say that we do not want soliciting in this group. Please do not try to join this group to try to sell your product to us, if you do, either your membership will be denied, or it will be terminated if you try to solicit/ sell to group members. I created the group for sharing, not for selling. After all is said if you are honestly interested in joining you can scroll to the bottom of this Blog & there you will find a Yahoo Group Join Button.You may follow that link to join.

Thank you.


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