Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hi~ Here are a few things that I made earlier this year. There is a pair of slippers that I made my 5 year old for Valentine's Day.... she was still 4 at the time.

Then we have a picture of My Little Girl wearing the Hat & Scarf Set I made for her. She wore it everywhere she could.

Here is a Hat & Scarf that I made for my Niece. The Slippers I made from a Pattern. The Hat & Scarf set I just made up as I went along.I didn't write the pattern down for these either.I have an odd way of making hats. Most patterns start hats at the top/ crown. I do it "backwards". I measure the persons head circumference & I start crocheting from the rim of the Hat & I go up towards the crown! Somehow this method is easier for me to do.


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