Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hi to All~ I thought that today I would share some of the crochet things I have made as gifts for people so far this year. None of these were made from a written pattern, I created them as I went along. The first 3 pictures is of a reversible Black bag I made my oldest daughter last year for her Birthday. It is Black with red fun fur & it has a Black lining with little red cherries on the fabric. I also made her a scarf to match. I used no pattern for these.

Here are 2 pairs of fun fur flip-flops I made. I just did sc all around the top of these until they were full of fluffy fun fur.The first Pair is of Black with Cherries that I added the red Fun fur too. These I made for my 5 year old, who loved them. The Red Flip-flops with the black fur trim are mine. I did mine all in sc also.It is easy to do & if u get tired of the fun fur, or the get messed up, you can always cut off the messed up/dirty fun fur & re-place it!

I do have a bunch more stuff I made as gifts, but I will share those with you all later. Enjoy!


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