Monday, July 11, 2005

Good Morning! This is my second day Blogging. This Blogging thing is just too cool. This is one of those Mornings I wished I could stay in bed until 12 Noon; but of course, that does not happen when you are a Mom. My kids were good though, with it being Summer & all, they actually watched TV , before deciding that Mom needed to get up at 9:00 am. So all have had breakfast, & here I am blogging. As I promised , think I figured out how to upload pictures to my Blog. So let me share on of my recent creations. This is a crocheted "Flower Garden Cat Bed" that I made for my Tinkerbelle's First Birthday on June 26th. But like most Cats, she only uses it when it pleases her. She seems to likes grooming herself on it, so my kids call it "Tinkerbelle's Beauty Parlor". Unfortunately the pattern for this Cat Bed is in my head, I did not write it down. Oh, I am sure I could make another cat bed, but it would not be the exact same one, so I guess you can say that this is One of a Kind (OOAK). Here is a Picture of My little Tinkerbelle when I adopted her 6 months ago ( she is 1 year old now & weighs about 8 pounds). If I can get her in a good pose I will share a more recent picture of her at a later time. Well, that is it for now. I have so many OOAK Crocheted & beaded things that I have made, that I promise to be return with more. But for now, hope you all enjoy your day.


Blogger ~ Stephanie said...

Be careful, blogging can get quite addictive. IT's like gaining insight into human nature. I really think that if we shared more of our secret thoughts and dreams that we could learn to be better people from one another.

11:35 AM  

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