Sunday, July 10, 2005

Greetings to all & Welcome to My blog!

In this Blog I will Post where my Escapades in Crafting, mainly Crocheting & Beading have lead me. I learned to Crochet from my Grandmother, when I was 7 years old (ever so many moons ago). I have stopped & picked up my crochet hooks, many times through the years. I did crochet several afghans in high school ( one of these somehow turned into a bedspread, don't ask me how.....maybe it was a surplus of granny squares?), Baby clothes in College, & then later more baby items when I had my three wonderful children.

I have become crochet obsessed over the last year; this is mostly do to the fault of my best friend, Stephanie, who is a crochet Instructor ( I am sure she is very please that I blame her for this). First of all let me tell you, I HATE READING PATTERNS. I hate all those little symbols, yet nothing has fascinated me more then teaching myself to write HTML! (Go figure that one). In the past, when I have become stuck in a pattern, & have just looked at the picture & then some how finished the item, so that it looks like the picture.....forget the pattern.

I was free-hand crocheting hand bags this past fall, & adding beads to them, as I am a beading enthusiast ( who needs a pattern here?), and my Friend challenged me to crochet a miniature bear from a pattern she emailed me. Well, I just had to try & I did it! WOW! I followed the pattern, the entire pattern! Amazing! And since that moment, I was hooked for life! I LOVE CROCHET. This is awesome. I do some things from patterns now, but I love creating my own things with no pattern; Hand Bags, pillows, tissue box covers, vests, teddy bear clothing, & more! But here is the problem, I hate writting down the patterns as I create something new. What a pain to crochet, stop & write, crochet, stop & write! It seems like it takes for ever. I did manage to write down my first entire pattern last week; it is to a 3 Cats Throw Rug that I created for my 5 year old's room. I will be sharing pictures of my creations on this Blog, as soon as I figure out how to to that.
A Bit more about me? Well, I am a very Crafty Mom of 3 school age children. I am also the Mom of two Senior Citizen dogs & three wonderful young Cats. I am a Registered Nurse by Profession. I love the Web, I love Ebay, I love HTML. I also love beading , designing, creating & selling my own Jewelry on ebay.
I thought that blogging would be a neat way to share my newly created crochet & or beaded creations. So, welcome & feel free to post your thoughts. Thank you for visiting.


Blogger ~ Stephanie said...

Good luck with your blog. I have had many blogs through the last two years...most recently on I use it to vent though. Gotta do it somewhere.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Crochet Mom said...

Your blog is beautiful--just a beautiful as your crochet tote bags/purses. I was very fortunate to get a beautiful blue beaded bag from you. Keep up with your gorgeous bags.

3:05 PM  

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