Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Well, I am back to blog for the second time today. I thought I'd share the neat Desk accessories I made for my little girl's desk. A tissue box cover, the small cup is a crayon holder ( holds 16 large crayons), & a square broken crayon catcher. Actually the square container can be used for anything, but she wanted a broken crayon holder. She now wants me to cover her trash can to match. Then she mentioned matching curtains.... I don't know about crocheting curtains out of worst weight yarn.... maybe a valance?......interesting thought though. The cup I used for the crayon holder is a plastic , washed out 8 oz yogurt cup. The square container is a small plastic , washed out potato salad container. As with most of my creations, I did not write the pattern done for these. But I can make pretty things out of very ordinary containers. Right now I am working on a surprise set for my sister's birthday, which is next week. The surprise set is totally different from this set. Next week I will post a picture of that set.


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