Monday, August 22, 2005

Greetings to All~

Well, I decided to start my own Yahoo Group this weekend. It is a Family Oriented group for Moms & grandmothers that like doing things with their kids & grandkids. The Group is called " CRAFTY MOM'S FAMILY CRAFTS AND RECIPES" Group. Basically it is for those who like to bake, cook, & do crafts with or for their kids or Grandkids. All kinds of recipes that kids like are welcomed & will be added to a Recipe File that the entire group can access. There are also several folders for Crafts, such as paper, clay, yarn, glue, any pattern that is a kid related craft; whether it is something you help the child make, or something that you would make for the child. I guess that Teachers might be interested this group too.

Anyone may request to join the group. After requesting to join you will be asked to fill out a small questionnaire; nothing very personal in this questionnaire. The new member may share as little or as much about themselves as they like. Membership is also available by invitation, so after you join, if you really like the group & you know of any other Ladies that might like the group also please email me & I will send them an invitation to join the group.

The Group is NEW. I just started it yesterday! So far I have 7 members, which isn't bad for only being in existence 24 hours.

There is a link that leads to Joining my YAHOO GROUP : " CRAFTY MOM'S FAMILY CRAFTS AND RECIPES" at the bottom of this BLOG page. Scroll all the way down if you are interested in joining. It should be a very fun group.


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Click here to join Crafty_Moms_Family_Crafts_and_Recipes
Click to join Crafty_Moms_Family_Crafts_and_Recipes