Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I wanted to share a bag that I made for my Best Friend's Birthday. Below are some close up pictures of the details of the bag. I used 4 different yarns. It was done in pinks & beiges. I used gold thread & beads on this one. Pictures of the fabric I used for the lining are also below.

Here is what she wrote me when she received the bag:

"That is one HELL of a bag--DAMN that is gorgeous--just absolutely gorgeous--I love it--I am telling you you must send me some to sell--that is a gorgeous bag--I will use it this weekend for sure--is there a pattern for this--u need to teach me--we need to do a crochet-a-long bag--damn this is gorgeous. This bag is gorgeous--this bag is gorgeous--this bag is gorgeous-I want to know how to make these--damn this is gorgeous--I am still in shock over this bag--my mouth is still opened wide!!

Thanks I LOVE IT".

Well I guess she liked it. LOL. We are going to try a crochet along. The problem is that she lives in Maryland & I live in Ohio. SO the crochet along will be via IM. My bags are usually one of a kind & therefore I don't write down what I create. So this will be an interesting crochet along.


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