Wednesday, November 30, 2005


My oldest daughter's 14th Birthday is coming up on December 6th. I wanted to share the Poncho & matching Bag that I made her. She has seen the bag ( which I will fill little surprises, like make-up, etc. to give to her), but she has not see the poncho. The bag I made as I went along. There is no pattern for it ( I didn't write it down). The poncho I started out using a pattern, but at the end I didn't like how it was being finished off so I altered the last 10 or 12 rows. The Poncho & Bag both have a red/cranberry yarn with metallic thread running through the yarn. The Bag on the other hand also has 3 different black yarns in it. A black rug yarn, a black chenille yarn & a black crocheting thread ( to give the handle sturdiness, & so that the handle would not stretch out). The bag is fully lined & has three pockets inside of it.

I will post a picture of my daughter wearing the Poncho next week, after her birthday.


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