Friday, October 28, 2005

Ever wonder what to do with those much loved T-shirts that somehow get ruined? Is there a spaghetti stain near the collar that just won't come out? Did some bleach fall on it & now there are a few spots with no color on them? or did some little hands try a pair of scissors out on that fairly new t-shirt & now it can't be worn again? Well, with 3 children these things do happen to me from time to time. And then, there are always those t-shirts that get out-grown but are still much loved. Of course if the t-shirt is worn out I just throw it away. But it is always a shame when there is one with something beautiful & colorful printed on it & I have to throw it in the trash. WAIT A MINUTE! IN the TRASH????? NO NO NO! When it is a special t-shirt that is much loved & the logo or whatever is printed is still in good condtion I turn it into a Throw Pillow! Yes, make throw pillows! Chances are that whatever the t-shirt had printed on it would most certainly make for a unique Pillow. Maybe even a conversation piece.
Here is what I did with two of my son't T-shirts that got messed up. The larger Pillow in the picture was a Zoo Animal shirt that he loved, but somehow ended up with glue on one sleeve that would not wash out. The smaller pillow was made from a Baseball T-Shirt that a pair of little hands got to with scissors. I bought two relatively inexpensive pillow forms & then I cut the printed area of the t-shirts out to fit the forms. You need one back part & one front part for your pillow forms. I then sewed the 2 pieces together & there are the two pillows I presented my son for his 11th Birthday! They were a surprise. He loved the pillows. He had missed the t-shirts & had been upset when he could no longer wear them. Now he is very happy.


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